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The TRUTH About Making a Living from Forex Trading

Published on 30 May 2019 / In News & Politics

Please note Forex Trading is risky. You can lose more money than your deposit. Do your homework before investing!

In today's video, I give you my honest review about the truth about forex trading. Many of us dream of working from home and trading forex for a living. Making money with forex is often promised by forex course providers where companies promise a lot but deliver training you can find for free. You might have taken a forex course and still found making a living with forex to be very difficult to obtain. If the answer is yes, I hope find watching this video helpful to give you some truths about forex you won't find in a forex tutorial that tries to sell you something.

Making money with forex is possible, let me make that very clear, but it is not an easy route to making a living with forex and working from home. You can obtain the forex lifestyle but the reason I have made this forex video is to debunk some of the myths about price action trading and price action trading strategies and give you some good advice on where to find free forex trading tutorials and my own experiences trying to learn the ropes. Like I say, you can make money.

As you learn more and become a forex trader, I hope you are successful. I also want you to be careful, analysing forex course providers carefully so you get the best value for money when you buy a forex trading course. Good luck!

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