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Chris Moneymaker - Poker Squeeze Play

Published on 30 May 2019 / In Other

Chris Moneymaker - Poker Squeeze Play

Chris Moneymaker
Christopher Bryan Moneymaker is an American poker player who won the main event at the 2003 World Series of Poker. Moneymaker was working as an accountant when he won a seat into the main event of the 2003 World Series of Poker through a US$39 satellite tournament at the PokerStars online poker card room.

After winning the WSOP, he quit his job to serve as a celebrity spokesman for Series owner Harrah's Entertainment as well as PokerStars. He also started his own company, Moneymaker Gaming, and began traveling to play in more numerous and larger buy-in tournaments.


Squeeze Play: “The application of pressure in order to force compliance or gain an advantage.”

Squeeze Play - Poker Movie

A squeeze, or to put a squeeze on somebody, or a squeeze play, means to make a large raise after there has already been one raise and at least one call. Whereas the first player ideally folds, since he's now caught between two or more opponents and doesn't know what the players after him will do, the second player and all those after him often don't have strong enough hands to call a reraise and so will fold.

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